24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024

Habits are the daily rhythms of our lives. Some require physical effort, like hitting the gym, while others unfold effortlessly as part of our daily routine. These habits become ingrained, shaping our lives with minimal conscious thought.

Creating New Habits

Initially, forming new habits can be challenging. Repetition is key, as it allows the brain to form new neural connections, a process known as neuroplasticity. In other words, practice makes perfect.

The Habit Formation Process

For new habits to stick, you need three components: the cue or trigger, the action itself, and a positive reward. This trio forms what’s known as the habit loop. (Note: This loop also applies to unhealthy habits.)

Getting Started

Starting small is a winning strategy. Begin with the first 1% of a habit—though it may seem minor, it’s significant progress. James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits,” emphasizes the power of this initial step. For instance, if your habit is running, begin by just putting on your sneakers at your planned run time.

Now, let’s dive into 24 healthy habits for a happier and healthier you in 2024!

24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024
24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024

Healthy Eating Habits

1. Add More Veggies: Incorporate an extra serving of veggies into your day, whether in a meal or as a snack. Go big with a daily salad challenge!

2. Boost Breakfast: Fuel your mornings with protein and fibre-rich options like eggs, whole-grain toast, or high-protein yogurt.

3. Cook Extra: Prepare an additional portion when cooking meals. It’s an easy way to reduce takeout and save time.

4. Healthy Fats: Incorporate healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, or avocado into your diet to boost nutrition and lower bad cholesterol.

5. Reduce Sugar: Swap sugar for low-calorie sweeteners and check labels for added sugars in sauces and snacks.

6. Carry a Snack:  Always have a small protein-rich snack on hand to curb hunger and prevent overeating later.

7. Mindful Eating: Slow down, chew your food, and enjoy meals without distractions for better digestion and fullness recognition.

8. Hydrate: Make water your primary beverage and add flavour with infusions or fruit slices.

9. Curious Cravings:  Pause and explore your cravings. Are you truly hungry, or is something else triggering the urge?

24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024
24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024

Healthy Movement Habits

10. Morning Stretch: Incorporate a few minutes of stretching or balance exercises into your morning routine.

11. Posture Matters: Sit or stand up straight to boost brain function, blood flow, and overall well-being.

12. Stand and Stretch: Set a timer to remind you to stand up, stretch, and move every hour.

13. Enjoyable Exercise: Find ways to move that you genuinely enjoy, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.

14. Add Steps: Increase your daily steps by parking farther away, taking stairs, or walking during breaks.

24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024
24 Healthy habits for a happier 2024

Healthy Living Habits

15. Quiet Moment: Dedicate 5 minutes to mindful breathing without distractions, even if it’s just three minutes for starters.

16. Prioritize Sleep: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier a few nights a week to improve overall well-being.

17. Tech-Free Breaks: Disconnect from technology for short periods to recharge and reduce screen time.

18. Nature Time: Spend time outdoors to boost mood and mental well-being through exposure to sunlight.

19. Declutter: Tackle small decluttering tasks to create physical and mental space in your life.

20. Think Before You Commit: Avoid knee-jerk ‘yes’ responses and give yourself time to evaluate commitments.

21. Try Something New: Embrace new experiences without expectations of productivity, nurturing creativity and connections.

22. Be Kind to Yourself: Acknowledge, reflect, reframe, and reset when you don’t align with your values or goals.

23. Make Your Bed: A small habit that brings a sense of accomplishment, tidiness, and a welcoming atmosphere to your room.

24. Nightly Brain Dump: Write down your thoughts and worries before bedtime to reduce stress and promote better sleep.

Remember, the key to success is focusing on one habit at a time. Use these ideas as a starting point and create a list that suits your journey to a happier, healthier 2024!

If you want a hand getting started with creating healthier habits, click here and have a chat with Jo our Health & Habit Coach! 💖