About Body Mind Central

Welcome to Body Mind Central. Your team of health professionals. Our intention is to ensure you leave us in better health both mentally and physically.

We are your caring team of chiropractors, psychologists , occupational therapist's, life coaches and remedial massage therapists. A truly holistic team that work together to help you be at your best every day. We have strategically built this team at Body Mind Central to be a unique and powerful solution for you and your health.

We understand the value of the mind and body as one. Both are dependent on each other. Evidence-based solutions addressing the body and the mind are missing in the health industry and we are here to solve that for you.

We want to welcome you to Body Mind Central. Book a session with one of our team below or give us a call first if you're not sure where to start.

We look forward to seeing you soon. If  you would like a chat with one of our team call us today 02 9518 0096 or Book & Contact Us below 

What we can help you with?

  • Resolution of back pain, headaches and other postural issues
  • Resolution of challenging emotions such as depression, fear, anger, guilt, shame
  • Building self-worth
  • Overcoming stress and achieving balance in life
  • Clarifying life goals and direction
  • Career, relationship and life transitions
  • Mentoring and supervision for professionals including Psychologists, psychotherapists/counsellor, chiropractors and other professional needing coaching and/or mentoring
  • Physical, emotional and nutritional health by attending our wellness workshops
  • Individually tailored “Breakthrough” coaching packages

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to serving and honouring clients from all backgrounds regardless of their story because we know that within each one of us there is goodness and possibility of change.

To help you make the most of your care with one of our practitioners it is important that you have clear intentions about why your are coming to see us.

For example it might be to help you resolve stress and to start feeling better about yourself or to resolve your back pain and start to feel more mobile again.

The clearer you are about what you would like to get out of your care with us the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Behind each approach

Behind each approach lies the basic premise that wellness is a lifelong commitment achieved through making life-affirming choices which lead to thriving, fulfilling and healthy lives.

Knowing how to achieve this can be a lot to figure out on your own.

We all need support and mentoring to learn, expand and make the most of our lives. We lead by example of our own lives.

As practitioners we believe that self-examination and discovery is important in offering you the best possible care we can give. This means we are always evolving and open to change both professionally and personally.

A better you

To help you make the most of your care will be to take responsibility for your own life and to be open to change. If you put all the responsibility of your care with the practitioner you will be greatly disappointed.

Each individual client needs to own responsibility for their own life and the changes that they want to make. The more open and ready for change you are the quicker you will see the results in your life.

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Online booking - BodyMindCentral - Chiropractic, Psychology, massage, life coaching, pilates - Leichhardt Inner West Sydney
BodyMindCentral - Chiropractic, Psychology, massage, life coaching, pilates - Leichhardt Inner West Sydney. solutions for back pain, neck pain, anxiety, depression.

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