Get fit for Summer

Posture strengthening is often overlooked as an exercise regime, but it is very important. Our amazingly talented Occupational Therapist, Abe, at Body Mind Central Leichhardt might be the person to help you better manage back pain and postural weakness. What is posture strengthening? When we slump, we lose energy and our bodies deteriorate over time. Posture strengthening is designed to strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Our posture strengthening classes are very popular and are helping many people improve their posture for long-lasting results.

We live in a sitting culture. We tend to slump in our chairs at work. Driving and working on a computer tend to make the shoulders slump forward. Posture strengthening is designed to help you overcome poor posture and help you work at peak performance and live a more dynamic life.

The exercises are easy to learn. Once you’ve learned them, you can continue doing them at home to strengthen your back and core muscles. You will feel the difference.

Abe Tedjakusuma is an Occupational Therapist at Body Mind Central on Norton St in Leichhardt. Abe completed a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Health Science before receiving a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. He is dedicated to his work. He helps people one-on-one leads our Back-Strengthening Posture classes. To find out more about Abe and our occupational therapist lead postural-strengthening classes at Body Mind Central Leichhardt click this link.