Discover Why Mobility Matters & 5 Ways to Improve Yours

Mobility blog

In the world of movement, few concepts hold as much weight as mobility. But what exactly does this mean? Mobility refers to the capacity of our bodies to move freely and efficiently through a full range of motion. It’s about maintaining flexibility, strength, and stability to carry out daily activities without hindrance or discomfort. Now,…

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Learn Why We Must Embrace Self-Care.

Self care blog

Self-care needs to be a non-negotiable part of our existence. We would all get along much better if we took regular time out to nurture and nourish our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. There should be no “if, or, but” attached to it. But there often are. People are addicted to leading a ‘busy existence’…

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Back to School for 2024


This time of year millions of Australian children go back to school. It’s an exciting time, often with new shoes and freshly sharpened pencils. However, while our kids are busy learning, it’s also important for them to be aware of their own health and wellbeing.

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10 tips to thriving in the holiday season!

Thriving in the holiday season

January is often seen as the extension of the festive season, where some of us are on holidays, kids are enjoying their school break, and our routines are still on pause – all while we soak up the beautiful summer vibes.

🌴 Whether you’re basking in the sun, on a getaway with the family or chilling out at home, we’ve got covered to keep you feeling good!

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7 Moves to Improve Your Desk Posture!

7 Moves to Improve Your Desk Posture

Incorporating regular movement and ergonomic practices not only alleviates physical discomfort but also enhances cognitive function and productivity. By prioritising your well-being at the desk, you invest in long-term health and a more vibrant, energised work life.

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Transform your life with the power of habits

Healthy habits

Have you ever wondered how habits are formed? It all starts when a behaviour becomes the solution to a problem. At some point, it was the easiest, most convenient, or best way to cope with a situation or feeling. Over time, as you repeated this behaviour in response to the same problem, voilà, a habit…

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Unlocking the power of NEAT: Your path to a healthier you

NEAT training with a health and habits coach

In our modern world, we’ve become accustomed to sitting, and our lives often revolve around automation and virtual tasks. From work to leisure, technology has made it incredibly convenient to move less. But what if we told you that small, simple changes in your daily routine could have a huge impact on your health and…

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Unlock your fitness potential with full-body resistance training

Resistance training with health and habits coach

Are you ready to take the leap into a healthier, more active lifestyle? We understand that taking that first step towards exercise can be a monumental achievement, but for those who have already embarked on this journey, you may find yourself stuck in the “At least I am doing something” phase for too long. If…

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