7 Moves to Improve Your Desk Posture!

7 Moves to Improve Your Desk Posture

Incorporating regular movement and ergonomic practices not only alleviates physical discomfort but also enhances cognitive function and productivity. By prioritising your well-being at the desk, you invest in long-term health and a more vibrant, energised work life.

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Transform your life with the power of habits

Healthy habits

Have you ever wondered how habits are formed? It all starts when a behaviour becomes the solution to a problem. At some point, it was the easiest, most convenient, or best way to cope with a situation or feeling. Over time, as you repeated this behaviour in response to the same problem, voilà, a habit…

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Unlocking the power of NEAT: Your path to a healthier you

NEAT training with a health and habits coach

In our modern world, we’ve become accustomed to sitting, and our lives often revolve around automation and virtual tasks. From work to leisure, technology has made it incredibly convenient to move less. But what if we told you that small, simple changes in your daily routine could have a huge impact on your health and…

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Unlock your fitness potential with full-body resistance training

Resistance training with health and habits coach

Are you ready to take the leap into a healthier, more active lifestyle? We understand that taking that first step towards exercise can be a monumental achievement, but for those who have already embarked on this journey, you may find yourself stuck in the “At least I am doing something” phase for too long. If…

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What is pain science and how is it used in patient care at Body Mind Central?

Pain science at Body Mind Central

Pain science is the study of the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to the experience of pain. It encompasses the understanding of how pain is perceived and processed by the body, as well as the factors that influence pain sensitivity and pain tolerance. Pain science research has led to a more comprehensive understanding…

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Understanding evidence based care and how it impacts you

Evidence based care

Evidence-based healthcare is a method of making medical decisions that involves critically appraising and applying the best available research evidence to guide clinical practice. This approach aims to ensure that healthcare decisions are based on the best available scientific evidence and are not influenced by personal biases or opinions. It involves critically evaluating the quality…

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Who should I see for my back pain?

Back pain in australia

A comparison between physiotherapy and chiropractic consultations in Australia. Physiotherapy and chiropractic are two health professions that offer treatments for conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. This can include pain and injury of body parts including back, neck, arms and legs, while both professions have similarities, there are also key differences between the two. Similarities: Both…

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World Spine Day

World spine day

On 16 October, we’ll celebrate World Spine Day 2022 (an initiative organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic) to raise awareness about spinal disorders. The overarching mission? To help empower YOU to take charge of your spinal health. Did you know that at any given moment, an estimated 540 million people suffer from lower back pain…

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Workspace Week

ACA Workspace Week

Due to long-running COVID-19 lockdowns and persistent calls to work from home caused by ongoing outbreaks, the majority of Australians have spent the past three years working between home and office locations, with the risks to the health of those not working in ergonomically correct workspaces causing concern.  Since the pandemic began there’s been numerous…

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