How a Wellness Psychologist Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Some goals are clear. If you have a physical ailment, you know your goal is to cure the ailment. Other goals are murkier or we may stuck and unable to see a way out of a predicament. This is where a wellness psychologist can help you see a way forward and give you a more clearly defined goal. Here at Petrozzi Wellness Centre in Leichhardt, Sydney we have a team of clinical psychologists who can help you achieve good mental health.

Having a goal implies having to overcome some form of adversity. We can look at adversity as a frightening challenge or an empowering opportunity. If we feel weighed down by fear, anger, sadness or depression, it’s hard to see our way out of our problems. This is where a wellness psychologist can help us.
How a Wellness Psychologist Can Help You Reach Your Goals 1

What can a Wellness Psychologist do for you?

The Petrozzi Wellness Centre’s Wellness Psychology page says it best:

“In working with emotions, our approach isn’t to go over the past and rehash traumatic experiences, unless that is something you intuitively feel you need to do.

Instead what we do is guide you to trust, feel and accept whatever your emotional experience. In learning to accept, feel and therefore free yourself from the negative effects of emotions you learn to trust and believe in yourself. This is the core of confidence and self-esteem building.

When you uncover protective layers of negative emotions, you reach an inner place…a place of love, wisdom, trust, power, and freedom. This is the place we take you to step by step.

Remember that on this journey you are not alone. We are right here guiding you. Safety and respect of your journey is important to us.”

When you reach that place of “love, wisdom, trust, power, and freedom” with the help of a wellness psychologist, you get a clearer picture of your true potential and your psychologist can help you find and reach your goal, whatever it may be.

Call us on 9518 0096 to book an appointment with one of our psychologists. We also offer treatments for depression, anxiety and stress relief. Our team here in Sydney’s inner west looks forward to meeting you!