R U OK? Day

With R U OK? Day coming up soon, it’s an important reminder to check in on our mental health – both our own and our loved ones’. Whether a family member, friend or workmate just seem a little “off” or not their usual selves, or you notice you’ve been feeling more down or flatter than usual, every day is a good day to ask them if they’ve been feeling okay.

Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are indiscriminate and affect people from all walks of life. While it is normal to feel down and sad every now and then, if you have been feeling down for longer than two weeks, or you’ve noticed a loved one hasn’t seemed their usual selves for an extended period of time, it may be depression. Recognising symptoms is the first step in improving mental health and wellbeing. Even if not all of the following symptoms are present, depression still may be; equally, it should be noted that it is possible to experience these symptoms without depression.

  • Behavioural symptoms may include – not wanting to go out or socialise anymore, being unable to concentrate, withdrawing from family and social groups, not wanting to participate in usually enjoyable activities
  • Feelings may include – overwhelmed, guilty, sad, irritable, indecisive
  • Physical symptoms may include – constantly feeling tired, sick or run down, loss of appetite, having trouble sleeping

If you recognise any of the symptoms above in yourself or a loved one, it is important to seek professional help to start the journey towards better mental health and wellbeing. Here at Body Mind Central, we have clinical psychologists available and ready to help you towards better mental health and a better quality of life. Call us on 9518 0096 to book your appointment to see one of our clinical psychologists today!