The Human Spring Approach

What is the Human Spring Approach?

The developer and founder of the Human Spring approach is Dr James Stoxen from Chicago Illinois USA. He has integrated his 25+ years of knowledge and experience to come up with the Human Spring Approach.

In short, this approach starts with viewing the body, particularly the foot and leg as a spring. Similar to a spring, when stretched, it recoils and bounces back to its original shape and length. The configuration of the foot bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles make it work just like a spring. Previous theories described that foot biomechanics worked purely like a system of levers and pivots, however, new technologies developed by Dr James Stoxen have help to clarify that the foot and lower limbs actually work more like a spring and a lever. His tailor-made graphics clearly show the rationale behind the Human Spring Approach.

Since 2006 Dr John Petrozzi has been trained in this unique approach directly by Dr James Stoxen. John is currently the only practitioner in Australia trained in this approach and is available for consultations and treatments at the centre.

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Below are some video’s that will help you to discover the Human Spring Approach and how it may be able to help you.



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