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Our life coaches have a background in clinical psychology and are well versed in positive psychology and wellness psychology principles. With your Life Coach you will learn to let everyday anxieties and irritations become a learning tool to get you motivated and primed for meaningful action. Learn to simplify your tasks, prioritise your responsibilities and time manage effectively.

All too often we let life drag us down, we put off implementing that great business idea; writing that book; learning a new language; learning yoga; creating closer familiar bonds … because “there’s too much to do”.

Somehow, somewhere along the line we prioritized washing the car and buying shoes ahead of our innermost goals and dreams.

Is this what you want to continue doing?

With your Life Coach learn to put YOUR goals and dreams first.

Personal & Corporate Life Coaching will:

  • Guide you or your business into the life and goals you’ve always wanted
  • Enhance and optimise your work efficiency
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Enable you to take action
  • Teach you how to simplify your schedule to allow room for new ventures, successes and happinesses
  • Assist you to reach your personal and professional goals, creating abundant wealth, health and joy in your life

Choose Life Coaching to create success and happiness in YOUR life.

Create Positive Thought

You are what you think. Whatever you imagine, think and believe, whether it be negative or positive, has energy and therefore the power to create. With your coach, learn to listen to your own voice and adjust that voice to create only positive power. Look at the most motivated, successful people you know and work out what they all have in common. How positive are they, towards themselves and other people?


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Those successful people you looked at are all, without a doubt, doers. Sometimes just lifting your foot off the ground to begin that first step takes the most courage, but even by the time you’ve planted your heel, a weight is lifted and all that is left is the joy of the journey begun.

Life Coaching is all about YOU!


Often a happy, successful life is the result of simplifying your life. Simplifying is not necessarily removing work from your life, although oftentimes that helps! When you focus on simplifying your life, time and energy is created for the purpose for which you are here. In order to create the life you desire, you must first make room for it.


Learn never to exchange what you desire at the present moment for what you desire the most in life. Don’t program your time around your priorities, program your priorities around your time. Use with intent the time, energy and money you have in a way that will honour your priorities.
Your Coach And Mentor Suzi Petrozzi
Suzi Petrozzi wellness psychology
Suzana Petrozzi

Director, Mentoring and empowering professional women

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