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What Is Wellness Psycology?

Your pathway to better emotioanl health

Wellness Psychology is a clinical, coaching and consulting psychology service delivered by psychologists at Body Mind Central. Psychological consultations may help you work through times of stress and anxiety through different, more positive and productive perspectives.

Our main focus is helping individuals achieve balanced emotional wellbeing.

We do this by thoroughly assessing your current obstacles and challenges, uncovering your strengths, teaching you valuable and life-long skills, helping you set and achieve goals and guiding you towards empowerment, confidence, and a sense of direction and purpose.


What Can Wellness Psychology Teach Us?

We are here to empower you to have the courage, belief and trust that when difficulties in your life arise or when difficulties have been around for many years, what may seem like a lifetime, you have an amazing opportunity to make a change in your life… because only through change will you experience a difference – a difference that opens doors to opportunities, successes, possibilities, happiness and love.

We have served the local Leichhardt and Inner West area with effective and caring psychological services since 1999. Conveniently located for the Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Annandale, Balmain, Petersham, Marickville, Haberfield and Sydney CBD communities.

Our Approach To Wellness Psychology

In working with emotions, our approach isn’t to go over the past and rehash traumatic experiences, unless that is something you intuitively feel you need to do.

Instead what we do is guide you to trust, feel and accept whatever your emotional experience. In learning to accept, feel and therefore free yourself from the negative effects of emotions you learn to trust and believe in yourself. This is the core of confidence and self-esteem building.

When you uncover protective layers of negative emotions, you reach an inner place…a place of love, wisdom, trust, power, and freedom. This is the place we take you to step by step.

Remember that on this journey you are not alone. We are right here guiding you. Safety and respect of your journey is important to us.

What you can expect

In your initial session we will ask you to fill out a few questionnaires which will provide a baseline measure of your current situation. One of our psychologist will then meet with you to understand your current situation and discuss your needs and goals. This is important because the clearer the goals the more likely they are to be achieved.

Generally, we will recommend a schedule of appointments to help you make the most of your sessions. You will be given weekly appointments for 6 weeks at which point we will have a review of your progress and goals. We will then schedule further sessions according to your needs.

When you commit to making a change in your life you have already taken the most important and difficult step. From here on, amazing transformation starts to take place.

To help your process of learning and transformation you will be provided with a Wellness Psychology Care Plan, support letters and educational series for you to read in between sessions to help reinforce your learning and growth. You will also be given support in between sessions via phone call or email as necessary.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Change can be an amazing part of life, so why wait!

The Body Mind Central Psychology Team
Suzi Petrozzi wellness psychology
Suzana Petrozzi

Director, Mentoring and empowering professional women

Liesbeth Geerligs5
Liesbeth Geerligs

Clinical Psychologist with a focus on anxiety and depression

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