10 tips to thriving in the holiday season!

Here in Australia, January is often seen as the extension of the festive season, where some of us are on holidays, kids are enjoying their school break, and our routines are still on pause – all while we soak up the beautiful summer vibes.

How can we manage all of this and keep ourselves feeling good? – Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy a variety of wholefoods: Take advantage of the seasonal abundance of fruits and vegetables. Embrace salads and BBQs and try to limit ultra-processed foods and added sugars.

Be mindful of social sips, aka Alcohol: While we don’t suggest cutting out alcohol entirely, remember to stay hydrated between drinks, set a manageable limit, and don’t forget to eat something.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Cool: With the summer heat in full swing, keep yourself hydrated. Water is your best friend! Try infusing it with slices of refreshing fruits like lemon, cucumber, or mint. Invest in a stylish water bottle to keep it by your side wherever you go.

Sun Safety First: Protect your skin. Sunscreen is non-negotiable! Find one that suits your skin type, and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day. A stylish hat and some sunnies can add to your summer look while shielding you from the sun’s rays.

Keep moving:  Whether it’s taking the kids to the park or beach for some joyful movement, enjoying a coastal walk with someone, or on your own embracing some ‘me time’, stick with your gym routine, staying active adds to the summer fun.

Stick to a reasonable sleep schedule: Tempting as it is to stay out late, try to maintain a consistent wake-up and bedtime. This way, when you return to your normal routine, it won’t be a massive shock to the system.

Plan some downtime: While this time of year is filled with occasions and events, remember to plan some chill times in between to recharge. Amidst the hustle and bustle, find moments to pause and breathe. Whether it’s through meditation, a leisurely afternoon nap, or simply enjoying the sunset, taking time for yourself is crucial. It’s amazing how a few minutes of mindfulness can recharge your energy.

Connect with your loved ones: Take advantage of free time and connect with those you love. Social connections are a natural energy boost. Even a walk and a chat can do wonders.

Capture the Moments: Don’t forget to document your summer adventures. Whether it’s through photos, a travel journal, or a scrapbook, preserving the memories will allow you to relive these moments later. Share your favourite snaps with friends and family to spread the joy.

Set some goals, plan something to look forward to: Nothing boosts the system like setting a goal for the future. It could be a financial saving goal, a health goal, or a personal goal—anything that you would like for yourself this year.

Remember, summer is a time to enjoy, so make the most of it. Whether you’re exploring new places, trying out new recipes, or simply basking in the warmth of the season, these tips are your guide to making this summer one to remember.

What are your favourite summer holiday tips? Share them with us!